Chinese martial arts has spread world wide, and here in the twenty-first century peoples of many cultures practice daily. I myself train in the Gu Ruzhang lineage “Northern Shaolin” system. For many like me the process of study deepens over time and new aspects of the arts become important to understand that go beyond physical training. Exploring the history of a certain style, teacher, or subjects like the evolution of Chinese martial arts over time are good examples. One area that has become particularly interesting to me is the study of antique Chinese martial art weapons. Through my journey as a collector of these fascinating objects many interesting observations have come to light. They have helped recreate my perception of Chinese martial artists of the past, as well as altering my view of how we practice in the present. I think by sharing my collection, thoughts, and related resources I can add some small contribution to our ever evolving understanding of what we call "Traditional Chinese Martial Arts." I truly hope other historically minded people will gain something from this project and share their own perspective and insights with me so I can learn as well. Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts. Thank you for exploring my site and sharing a passion for Chinese martial arts past and present.

Neil Anderson

Note - I have only started putting this together. Please bear with me while I add content. It will be worth the wait (-: